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One of the most fun ways to get people noticing, sharing and interacting with your blog is through a blog

giveaway. Of course, an international blog giveaway will net even more new subscribers and participants

for your site than one strictly confined to residents of your continent or country, but international shipping gets expensive fast, especially if the prize is heavy or you plan to have multiple winners. After

all, the more winners you can have and the more prizes you have to give away, the more readers will feel like they really have a chance to win something. That way they'll keep coming back to grab more entries

through things like retweets, joining your email list, seijo no kaifuku mahou ga dou mitemo ore no rekkaban na ken ni tsuite posting comments, and adding you on your social media pages. All that said, it can be tricky to balance the costs and benefits of hosting a specifically worldwide giveaway.

Fortunately, there are ways to hold a great giveaway open worldwide for everyone even if you don't

want to spend a lot of money sending packages all over the planet! The most important part of hosting a worldwide giveaway without breaking the bank is to be creative and clever about what exactly you're

going to give away. In this post I'll also go over some of the best ways to make sure your international giveaway is seen by as many people as possible so all the money spent is worth it, and how to make sure it doesn't get ruined by differences in sweepstakes laws for winners in other countries. Let's get started!

Offer Digital Prizes If Your Budget Is Low

It's always fun to get packages in the mail but it certainly saves time and paper if you can send it hurtling through cyberspace instead. It also saves you from the potential awkwardness of dealing with a prize

getting lost in the mail. Here are some ideas for prizes you won't have to physically ship.

- Emailed gift cards to online stores with worldwide shipping, like Amazon or Book Depository. These are extremely popular as prizes and the number of entries usually gets up into the thousands as people will

specifically search for and click on gift card giveaways regardless of what blog might be hosting it. Everyone can use a little extra credit when they're shopping online, so giving gift card(s) away will get a really wide audience participating.

- eBooks. These appeal to more targeted audiences, like parents with young kids who enjoy fairy tales or

paranormal romance readers, and usually get a lower number of participants even if the book's subject is one that would appeal to a broad range of people. The upside to this is that the people you lure into

following you and retweeting you with the giveaway will often be the same people who would have wanted to follow you to begin with if they had known you existed out there. For example, slime light novel if you're giving

away a PDF of your latest cookbook, people who entered to win will probably still stick around even if

they don't win because they were likely already interested in your recipes and food-related content if

they wanted a chance at getting your cookbook for free.

- Craft and clothing patterns that can be printed or followed onscreen. If you're running a blog for crafting or sewing anyway, this would be a very fitting prize.


- Services that can be carried out using programs like Skype and Google Docs to connect with your winner like blog promotion for them or content editing.