Blue Flower

Sometimes seeking love on the outside first instead of the within first brings about a lot of heartache and disappointment. Sometimes men and women by trying to find love outside of themselves, find only a mimicry of it or an individual which has sought love on the outside as if it would heal their within. Both individuals then only feed off of the illusion until it comes to an abrupt and disappointing end, and sometimes both feel as if they are not worthy of love and thus are unable to find love within themselves for some time.

Love within becomes the love without. Gratitude within becomes gratitude without. battle through the heavens light novel Peace within becomes the peace outside of ourselves. Love is not a product or a gimmick to be found in a store, on the street, in a bar, or within another. Love is an eternal part of us which needs to be acknowledged within ourselves to release it and become love itself in how we deal with our own life and with the lives of others around us.

When you feel the love within your spirit, soul, heart, mind and you will feel it outside of you as well. Giving some of that love to those worthy of it means you also receive it as well. Giving love recklessly or to people that stomp it, look upon at it as if it was a weakness, means we are not respecting our own love and our own self. And the people which ridicule love, are scared of it, think they don't have it and are envious of others who have seen it within themselves. Forgive those people, but never let yourself be their doormat, and as soon as possible cut yourself from them since they've chosen their own path and need to find themselves on their own terms and in their own way. Helping those who don't want to help themselves doesn't and cannot help them in the short term or long term period.

See within everything you want without

See and feel within yourself, your mind, your imagination, your heart, your spirit everything you wish to attract in the outside personal life, and with time, faith and some effort you will gain, obtain, attract, realize, manifest everything your heart truly desires in your personal and professional life.

Visualizing your goals and seeing them as already accomplished, without knowing how exactly you will get there, solidifies your faith and confidence in your self-realization of those goals and desires in the outside world. Feel that trophy in your hand, see yourself wining that race, see yourself getting that position, that paycheck, that pay raise, that car, that house, and feel the peace, love, joy as if it was all already realized and yours because it truly is within so it shall be without. genius sword immortal Let go of your visualizations when you are comfortable with the feelings and visions you see within. Letting go of your visions solidifies your faith that it's all already yours and on its way to you in the outside world. See where your attention goes after visualizing and follow your inspiration and action steps towards your goal meeting you on the outside. There is no need to over-think or worry about how you will reach, accomplish, attract anything in your life, because it's up to the unconscious mind to know all those possible and probable ways and organize a route best suited for you and your goals to meet, greet, merge and manifest.