Blue Flower

Visualizing your desired goal into manifesting into your life and your reality starts from the within. By imagining the aftermath of your desired goal in your mind, and by emotionalizing your vision of your ancient godly monarch

goal already having been achieved in your imagination you can attract positive life goals, things, and objects into your life.

Think from the Point of Having Achieved your Desire

The most important key to attracting what you desire, be it wealth or peace or happiness in whatever form or shape, is to remember to think of your goal as if you have already achieved it. In your

imagination you need to see yourself taking actions as if you have already achieved what you wanted. You can see and smell and feel and touch the aftermath of your realized goal. Instead of daydreaming where you think of something, you need to think in visualization of yourself within the imagined scenarios. dragon martial emperor

Daydreaming means to think of something pleasant such as having a new motorbike. Visualization with emotions of feeling how you feel as if you already own a motorbike means to manifest the reality in

which you will have that motorbike. So think of yourself as already having that bike. You can feel yourself riding it, sense the wind, how it speeds down the road.

Your senses are within the vision. Your own self is within the image. You are the aftermath of your achieved goal of having a motorbike. Practice visualization before sleep or whenever you have the time

to completely relax, close your eyes, and sense yourself into your visions of a goal already achieved. The stronger your imagination and feelings of joy for having realized your goal are; the faster and better the results in the seemingly outside reality of your inner world.

Crystallize your Imagination into Reality

Feel free to go so deep into your imagination of seeing yourself riding, owning, and taking care of your motorbike. This crystallizes your vision onto the subconscious mind which starts to work on the

manifestation and attraction of a motorbike into your life. Sometimes it takes days; sometimes it takes weeks or months, be assured that it will work without you having to know how exactly. The how is up to

your subconscious mind's mechanism, and your conscious mind is there to take note to take positive and inspired action towards your goal.

Letting the Law of Attraction Work Naturally

There are countless ways something can manifest into your life so it is completely pointless to worry, think, and fret over how something will be drawn to your life or when exactly something will occur. Just


let the over-thinking go. Let the manifestation occur naturally since this is a law of nature and the spirit which ties it. Like attracts like meaning your imagination of your goal already achieved attract that goal into reality.