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Keyword research is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization process. The keywords you are using when creating the webpages of your website are the direct conversation with the users, Tales of demons and gods

visitors that are looking for specific keywords in their search queries they input into the search engines of their choice. It is thus important to choose effective, high converting keywords that will speak to your

website user and whatever conversations are going on within his mind regarding a product, service, information, or data.

To find out what your potential visitor is thinking about you can visit forums, discussion boards, social groups, civil organizations online that have open discussions regarding themes, topics, services that

include the very keywords you need to know, research and grow a encompassing list of. That list will mean your future profits and future relevancy factor and authority of your website. Of course it is important to structure your site into meaningful, organized information presentation of connected articles, graphics, videos and other forms of communication with your targeted users.

You should also have a knowledge base of the very topic you are covering with your site. In case of lack

of knowledge you should consult with the local library and find appropriate literature and learn from it as much as possible in at least a couple of weeks before you teach it to others with your own words and

with your own examples. Keep a note of keywords and phrases you encounter as well as titles and subtitles in various books, newspaper articles and research you come across since this can help you with creating your own site and organizing it as an online book accessible to many and that needs to be understood by most. True martial world

You can also check competitor's website and look which keywords they are using. Do not copy their

work, but you can take note of which keywords they are targeting. Your own website visitor can let you know what they're searching for and will give you insight into more keyword and phrase word ideas out

there. You can always create a new website if you gain insight into another area within your niche or

business that might be profitable and has a target audience of its own online. Shape the words and your sites into what your end visitors are looking for by keeping in mind the search engine's algorithm

operations and implementing SEO.

Another excellent idea is finding keyword tools that will suggest keywords to you. Google Keyword Planner is a keyword tool that will help you with basic keyword ideas and phrases as well as number of searches per month within a country. What you might find unique about this tool is the ability to have the tool examine your web page or even your entire web site and make suggestions for words that might be useful in your marketing.

While you're testing potential new terms, it's also a good idea to test any words that your site is already using to see which ones are effective. The words that result in visitors and goal conversions are the keywords to keep and expand on. Non-performing words should be replaced with new ones that you have researched or need to test out.