Blue Flower

While the Law of Attraction is taught to people around the world, it is important to closely look at what this law entails and how it works exactly. Law of attracting anything positive in one's life simply means that like attracts like. But what most people forget is that they have to be as alike to what they are trying to attract as possible.

Opposites do not attract. Even magnets operate on like attracting like when one properly understands what the magnets are doing from the whole picture and not the simplistic narrow view of the north attracting south.

The law of attracting what we want operates on three main steps. The first step of LOA is intense desire. ancient godly monarch An individual has an intense desire for a particular thing in their life. Most people that want to use LOA are usually passionate about their specific wants they are trying to manifest in their lives. Use that passion and desire to focus on what you are trying to attract.

The second step of LOA is mind visualization of the goal we have in mind. As an example imagine an individual wants to attract extra money in their life. The individual needs to see if this is something they do desire and are passionate about having more money. They need to focus their desire (step 1) onto visualizing in their mind that they have already received that needed money. The individual needs to see that money in their mind already there. Not that it is on its way but that it is already there.

The third and final step of LOA is tying emotion to your desired vision (step 1 and 2). The stronger the emotional visualization of your desired object, goal the better and faster the results. Our minds which visualize and our spirit which provides the emotion of how it feels when we have already received what we desire are attracting our goal.

Practicing these three steps until we have realized our desire is also crucial here. Money will not fall from the sky and no mafia fairies will bring it to your doorstep. There is no need to know how this money will come to you because that is up to the natural universal force to know and you to stay on the frequency of attracting what you want. When you are practicing LOA you will over time come across what you need to make that extra money. The answers are there, you are just brining your awareness of them to come from within you. chaotic sword god When you recognize the hints in the outside world that will lead you to make that money, this means you need to be actively engaged to earn that money.

LOA is not for the lazy or the impatient. It may take a month for a realization of your goal or longer. The truth is that this law is not any kind of magic. It's simply becoming alike within to your goals without in order to be on the same attracting vibration (emotionalized thought and imagination) frequency of the vibration frequency of your end goal.

Focus on the positive by desiring it, visualizing it and feeling it within your mind, and knowing you have already received it. It's important to know you have already received it (within your mind) because that means you have let go of your need and made into a realization.